Blue Sky Farms

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If you are looking for that perfect cozy spot to eat breakfast, be sure to stop by the Blue Sky Farm Cafe in Miramar. The family-run business offers a mixture of delicious treats including a tasty frittata, a wide variety of soups and breakfast sandwiches… all of which are homemade. Fresh baked pastries, as well as other breakfast foods like oatmeal, breakfast burrito, waffle, granola, etc. The fair trade coffee is delicious. You cannot beat enjoying a warm cup of joe while viewing the stunning landscape of Blue Sky Farms. If its were warm and sunny customers venture out to the outside benches.

Blue Sky Farms

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3068 Cabrillo Highway North
Half Moon Bay, CA
(650) 726-5999

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  1. Very disappointing that you weren’t open the one time working people can come and enjoy your cafĂ©.

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