Caffe Mezzaluna

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Just a short distance from its mother restaurant Mezzaluna, Caffe Mezzaluna is a great addition to Princeton by the Sea. Serving delicious Italian food with a diner style. You can easily enjoy a quick coffee, brunch, lunch or sweet treat. You can’t go wrong with Caffe Mezzaluna. This is a warm inviting spot to enjoy a cappuccino and quiche while reading a book. Sit outside on the weekend, you can absorb the sun and live music floating over from the outdoor Farmer’s Market. If you’re on the move grab a pastry and stroll through the Harbor Village shops next door or enjoy a decadent gelato while sitting on a bench by the water.

Caffe Mezzaluna

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240 Capistrano Road
Half Moon Bay, CA
(650) 560-0137

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One Review

  1. I love the cappuccinos here! It’s one of my favorite places to meet a friend for brunch since it’s not crazy crowded and it’s a cozy space. I also like grabbing coffee to go and shopping at the bookstore and surf shop in Harbor Village.

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