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At Cetrella be prepared for an evening of award winning Mediterranean cuisine and luxurious beverages while listening to live music. The fresh local seasonal menu balances finely-crafted seafood and meat dishes with flavorful local produce. The Cetrella restaurant has been recognized as a winner of the local “As Fresh As It Gets” award. Cetrella’s extensive wine collection features over 400 different choices from around the world. The restaurant has also emerged as Half Moon Bay’s go to location to hear jazz, blues, and folk singers on the weekend.


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845 Main Street
Half Moon Bay, CA
(650) 726-4090

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One Review

  1. This is one of those places you go to for special occasions, when you want an evening of perfect ambiance combined with delicious food. Cetrella makes excellent dishes with unique parings and spicings. Pretty much all their food is delicious and will leave you wanting to try everything. They have an enormous wine list and expertly made drinks as well. I had the pork chop, it was 5 star! Love the mix of flavors.

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