Chez Shea

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Chez Shea offers fresh organic food with flavors from around the world. They are gold level recipients of San Mateo’s “As Fresh As It Gets” award, making sure to use fresh local ingredients when possible. Asian, Indian, Mediterranean, and Latin dishes adorn the robust menu. At Chez Shea there is a lot of what this site would call “eclectic cuisine”, a style of cooking which draws its dishes from a wide range of sources across the world. You can mix and match styles to create your own tapas style tasting or enjoy an entree from another part of the world. Main Street is lucky to have this little restaurant in downtown Half Moon Bay.

Chez Shea

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408 Main Street
Half Moon Bay, CA
(650) 560-9234

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2 Reviews

  1. I’ve had a few great meals here, but for me the standout dishes were the beet salad, polenta with mushrooms and moussakaa. All are healthy and fresh but also have so much flavor! The menu may look eclectic, but all of the dishes are put together by experts. I also have to tip my hat to the wine selection, all of the glasses I have tried were unique and amazing.

  2. As a foodie who works in conservation, I love a restaurant with creative, delicious dishes that also makes it easier to eat “sustainable”. I would highly recommend Chez Shea.

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