Ketch Joanne

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Ketch Joanne may be the best place to go on a cold stormy day in Half Moon Bay. The Ketch is warm, cozy and welcoming; the meeting place of local fisherman where you are guaranteed a hearty meal. Go early for breakfast or it will be busy. Worth the wait to have breakfast here, especially if you are hungover from a night at the Harbor Bar (same place). Everything from large omelets to stacks of pancakes to eggs and slabs of bacon. If you have a craving for sweets order the whip cream and strawberry covered waffles. Any of this can be washed down with plenty of coffee refills. Eating at Ketch Joanne is a habit for many HMB residents.

Ketch Joanne

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17 Johnson Pier
Princeton-by-the-Sea, CA
(650) 728-3747

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One Review

  1. The Ketch feels like home to me…just with better food and more people. I’m obsessed with their pancakes, and the omlette with jack and local artichokes is my other go-to breakfast. The bottomless coffee and generous portions always leave me feeling satisfied. It’s a great choice all day long, but I really enjoy their hearty breakfast options.

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