La Costanera

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Savor contemporary Peruvian cuisine in a one of a kind setting. It doesn’t get any better than the combination of view, food, and atmosphere offered at La Costanera. The only restaurant in Half Moon Bay with a coveted Michelin star, La Costanera in Montara, CA is quickly becoming a favorite around the entire San Francisco Bay Area. We are fortunate to finally have a bluff top restaurant back in Montara. I can only imagine the crowd when the waves and weather come together this summer for some epic sunsets at La Costanera. Try to eat here during the week to avoid the crowd. Make reservations for dinner in the main restaurant or stop by and enjoy tapas and specialty cocktails in the bar-lounge downstairs at beach level.

La Costanera

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8150 Cabrillo Hwy
Montara, CA 94038
(650) 728-1600

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One Review

  1. It is so relaxing to visit La Costanera on a clear evening and watch the sun sink below the horizon. To enjoy the experience even more, share a number of dishes “tapas style” with friends and family. Some of my favorites are the creamy pumpkin soup, tuna tartare, anticucho de hongos and gnocchi marino. I worked in this same location when it used to be the Chart House, and I think the rennovations have made this space even more amazing. Cheers to the owner and chef for making La Costanera a very special place to visit on the coast.

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