San Benito House Deli

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The San Benito House Deli is famous around Half Moon Bay. Locals LOVE the sandwiches here. They are always talking about them and telling others to try them. The secret is the bread. San Benito House Deli bakes its delicious bread daily to ensure your sandwich is as fresh as it gets. The sandwiches are made so fast you won’t even be done paying and it will be waiting for you. The garden has plenty of seating and is blocked from wind. You can really enjoy a day in Half Moon Bay just sitting on the deck in the sun.

San Benito House Deli

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356 Main Street
Half Moon Bay, CA
(650) 726-3425

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4 Reviews

  1. The wheat bread is hands down the BEST bread you will ever eat! I have eaten a lot of sandwiches in a lot of places and nothing ever comes close.

  2. Still one of my favorite places to stop and have a sandwich made with fresh baked bread, right there in house. The prices are very reasonable and portions are very generous. Way better than any fast food sandwich place!

  3. I worked here for a few summers after high school. The best part about working in the deli is that you got a free sandwich. We got creative sometimes and made some pretty amazing sandwiches. One that I still order that is not on the menu is the egg, cheese(all of them), and ham on white bread. This MUST be warmed up. Its the best egg sandwich on the planet. I may have overdosed on the wheat bread from working there because I never order it anymore.

  4. I used to work on main street and I never got tired of San Benito sandwiches–I could eat one every day. The fresh made wheat bread is so sweet, soft and mouth watering, it makes any sandwich into the best sandwich you’re ever had. On a nice day I love eating my sandwich in the garden or on the bench swings and enjoying the sun. The wind is usually blocked back there and it can get quite warm.

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